I’m Valerie Thurner

I am a journalist and a story teller.

I am a freelance storyteller and journalist.
I have always been hungry to experience and travel the world and decided to move from Switzerland, where I was born and raised, to Kenya, where I am based now. My curiosity to explore and gain a deeper knowledge about how the dots connect in space and time. I aim to meet inspiring people, to learn about their world views, artistic expression and political motivation. In short I want to create space for dialogue between different geographic, social and cultural backgrounds.
I’ve accumulated a deeper knowledge of political and social processes in Kenya and the neighboring countries with a focus on environmental and social justice and processes of decolonization. This is reflected, for example, in my journalistic work, which is published in German speaking magazines.  
I bring twenty-five years of working experience in various creative sectors and media. They mirror my passion for film, music and arts. I worked for film production, festival programmer or contemporary art museums. My work is characterized by very thorough research and my outstanding ability to get in contact with all kinds of people to further my understanding of the cause at hand. Whenever possible I look for collaborations to enrich the content and combine my skillset with theirs. Be this for the productions of video portraits or when researching for an article.
Constantly searching for inspiring stories, led by my vision of a world of equality and respected human rights.


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