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I am Passionate About Telling Stories. 

This promotional documentary short introduces Nairobi based visual artist Prina Shah, in the run-up of her upcoming solo show, In Transition, at Gallery Brulhart in Geneva.

Magical Kenya? A decade of young Auteur Cinema from Kenya Essay and Program for Xenix Kino, Zurich Switzerland, 2021

Curated program on young Kenya Arthouse film, for Xenix Studio cinema Zurich, Switzerland

«Despite many economic and political hurdles, the desire to tell stories about the complex realities of a postcolonial African society is unstoppable. Young Kenyan auteur cinema is striving for international screens..»

«The Saviours Of The Corals», Greenpeace Magazine Switzerland, December 2021

The marine ecosystems are collapsing due to climate crisis. The coral riffs in particular are suffering due to the warming oceans and without those under water Cities, our marine life will go extinct. Many initiatives worldwide have been taken to save them. A race against the clock. The non profit organisation marinecultures in Zanzibar is dedicated in coral riff reforestation and the implementation on community based marine protection policies.

« Der Traum vom Garten», Surprise Magazine Switzerland, March, 2021

Dandora, a neighborhood in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, was threatened with drawning in garbage. Until the population took the urban design into their own hands.

Real anti-racist action means more than just spreading hashtags», Tsuri.ch online magazine , July 2020

«They are calling for the city of Zurich to remove racist symbols and building names from the old town: The founders of the Zurich based anti-racism collective “Mir Sind Vo Da” (Swiss German: We are from here) Ben Pauli (26) and Dembah Fofanah (28). A conversation with the founders of the online magazine VO DA (Swiss German: “from here”) about racism in everyday life and how we all can contribute to conquer it.»

«Armut in Zürich: «Ich kann nicht ruhig schlafen, wenn Menschen Hunger leiden»» Tsuri online magazine, June 2020

During the first wave of Covid 19, Swiss cities had been showing scenes we have hardly ever seen in this country: In Zurich, for example, thousands of people line up for hours every Saturday for food packages. 

« Ein Slumradio kämpft für den Frieden», Surprise, Switzerland, September 2017

«Media are important pillars of democracy. In Nairobi, we can see what this means in concrete terms: A small radio station educates citizens in the slum about hygiene, peaceful elections and good governance.»

« Game Mekka Zurich», Cinebulletin, 2015

«The number of trained game developers is constantly increasing. Impulses from cultural politics are pushing for a recognition of game culture, also in Zurich. We introduce a young industry between innovation and culture.»


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