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Valerie Thurner

I am a freelance reporter and creative based in Nairobi, Kenya, and Zurich, Switzerland. Driven by the curiosity to understand and describe the complexity of our world, I cover stories on social and environmental justice, raising questions on the legacy of colonialism that is prevailing in the present world order. I’ve accumulated a deeper knowledge of political and social processes in Kenya and the neighboring countries. This is reflected, for example, in my journalistic work, which is published in German speaking magazines. My work is distinguished by a thorough research and ability to connect with people.From my perspective, there are no big or small stories, but perspectives, I wan’t to highlight in my work. I have passion for arts, worked for film production, as a festival programmer and in  museums of contemporary art. I’m a native German speaker, also fluent in English, and French.

My Name is Valerie Thurner & Welcome to my Portfolio/blog.

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